Xiamen JINBEIDE Rubber Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Established in 1991, that is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in Developing, Manufacturing and Exporting all kinds of Rubber ,Silicone & Plastic products for use in Engine, Generator, Garden Machinery, Outdoor Power Equipment, ATV, Motorcycle, Heavy Equipments, Automobile and Aftermarket.

We are the TOP manufacturer of Fuel Line Hose, EPA & CARB certified Fuel Line Hose use in Engine, Generator,  ATV, Motorcycle and Garden Machinery,etc.

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  • Experience


    30+ Years Experienced Technical Teams with Strong R & D Capability.

  • Security


    Complete Test Center and Products Laboratory

  • Mission


    Better Technology, Better Quality, Better Integrity, and Better Service!

  • Certificates


    Already achieved EPA, CARB, REACH, RoHS, PAHs, NP/OP and Phthalate and passed ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004 and TS16949 certificate management system.



  • Why do belt conveyors need tensioning devices?


    The conveyor belt is a viscoelastic body, which will creep during the normal operation of the belt conveyor, making it longer and slack. In the process of starting and braking, there will be additional dynamic tension, so that the conveyor belt elastic stretch, resulting in the conveyor skidding,...

  • Synchronous belt drive and chain drive compared to what advantages


    Many consumers feel that there is no difference between synchronous belt and chain drive, but this is a wrong view, synchronous belt and chain drive is a fundamental difference. And the synchronous belt has incomparable advantages of chain drive, then the synchronous belt drive and chain drive co...

  • What is the function of the timing belt?


    The function of the timing belt is: when the engine is running, the stroke of the piston, the opening and closing of the valve, the order of ignition, under the action of the timing connection, always keep synchronous operation. Timing belt is an important part of the engine air distribution syst...

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